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Keynote Speaker and Trainer.

Darren is a professional keynote speaker with over 15 years experience. He has presented to some of the Worlds biggest companies globally. His keynote speeches are fully interactive and never fail to inspire, educate and entertain


The Human Lie Detector

Darren was pleased to be asked to speak at a Ted organised event, where he delivered a keynote address to a fantastic audience at the University of arts London.


The ICSA Annual Conference

Darren was very privileged to speak at the ICSA annual conference at the London Excel venue at the London Docklands.
ICSA helps government employees and their continuous professional development
Darren delivered a keynote address to 3,000 delegates the importance of boardroom body language, and for how to use number for communication to enhance existing skill sets. The keynote receive some fantastic feedback from the client. 


Keynote Delivery to NHS

Darren is regularly booked by various parts of the NHS and private sector. 

He recently delivered a keynote to address a number of doctors nurses surgeons of how to spot Emotional shifts within their patients  Hand of why certain patients would be deceptive when having medical staff how they truly feel free fire or anxiety.
Darren is available as a keynote speaker call Ellie annual conference, explode or event.